Are you someone who does a lot of shopping?  Do you like to compare prices, and try to find the best price before you buy something new?  Do you Consider yourself an expert at pricing stuff you see online?

If so, this is an opportunity that may be perfect for you.

The touring version of The Price is Right is coming to Harrah's on October 6,7,8.

New Jersey residents will have a chance to play all the games The Price is Right is famous for.  You'll have a chance to play Bonkers, Flip Flop, Hi-Lo, and of course everyone's favorite, Plinko.  Who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to spin The Big Wheel and play The Final Showcase.

Although these games won't appear on television (those are recorded on a lot in California, the prizes you can win are very real.  Contestants will be chosen randomly from all who attend, and it promises to be a great time.

The Price is Right is one of the all-time great television game shows.  It was most popular during the 35-year period Bob Barker hosted, beginning in 1972.  Barker, who recently passed away, is considered one of the all-time greatest game show hosts.

The Price is Right: The Bob Barker Era via YouTube
The Price is Right: The Bob Barker Era via YouTube

Viewers would tune in and hear the booming voice of Johnny Olson inviting contestants to "come on down" and then watch as Bob interacted with them, many times in a comical way.  Of course, there were the models who would pose with the prizes that contestants would be playing for.

After Bob Barker's retirement, the show continued with comedian Drew Carey as host.

What you may not know, is that before Barker, the original host was Bill Cullen, a notable game show host in his own right.

Tickets are available at Harrah's.

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