I was picking up subs for my family yesterday in the Harbor Village Shopping Center, located on Zion and Ocean Heights Avenue in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Right before walking into Pete’s Subs … the closest thing to that you’ll find to the legendary White House Subs … at the last moment, I noticed a store front located right next door.

The sun created a near blinding glare, however, I could make out that a new ice cream parlor is opening.

Here is the photo that I took. The glare of the sun is apparent, but, you can get an idea of what’s coming soon.

With apologies, the photo quality (below) is terrible, but, you can read the brief description of Egg Harbor Township’s newest ice cream parlor, called Moo’s Creamery.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Egg Harbor Township presently has two very famous and long standing ice cream parlors … Little’s Dairy Bar (also located on Zion Road) and Lloyd’s Country Custard, located on Ocean Heights Avenue (not far from Zion Road).

Does Egg Harbor Township need a third Ice Cream Parlor … all in close proximity to one another? We’ll soon find out.

As recently as July 10, 2023, the soon-to-be, newest kid on the block has posted on their Facebook Page that they are opening soon.

Here’s the logo to the new store:

Moos Creamery photo via Facebook.
Moos Creamery photo via Facebook.

They are billing themselves as “Moo’s Creamery … SERVING SMILES & JOY ONE MOO SCOOP AT A TIME!”

By comparison, Little’s Dairy Bar has been open since 1973 … that’s 50 years.

I’m not sure exactly how long Lloyd’s Country Custard has been open, however, they have been open the entire time that we have lived in Egg Harbor Township … which is now almost 30 years.

When we learn an opening date for Moo’s Creamery, we will let you know.

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