Have you ever wanted to be in a horror movie? Here's your chance.

The makers of the Hell House movie franchise are adding a new chapter to their popular found-footage mockumentary-style horror saga and they are casting now for an April 2023 shoot in Pennsylvania.

First, a little background. Writer/Director Stephen Cognetti's horror movie series began in 2015 with the found footage horror hit Hell House LLC is getting a brand new prequel next year, set to be the franchise’s fourth film, The Carmichael Manor.

Here's How The Movie's Producers Are Publicizing Their New Flick.

 “In the first chapter of what will become known as the Hell House LLC Origin Films, a group of cold case investigators stay at the Carmichael Manor, site of the grisly and unsolved murders of the Carmichael family back in the eighties.

“After four nights, the group was never heard from again. What is discovered on their footage is even more disturbing than anything found on the Hell House tapes.”


What Roles Are the Movie's Director Casting?

Here's an overview from the casting company for this project, Backstage Casting:

Casting is underway for “The Carmichael Manor,” a horror feature shot in mockumentary/found footage style. Actors, aged 18–65, are wanted for leads and supporting roles, including the lead role of Margot, a web sleuth. Filming will take place in April 2023 in Pennsylvania. Pay is $200–$300 per day for up to eight days of work with transportation, lodging, and meals provided.

What Specific Roles Are Available?

Two lead roles -- one female and one male,  two support roles -- one female and one male, and one support role with either gender welcome are being advertised. See the roles described.

What Experience or Resume Items Are Required For These Roles?

The casting information says all these roles will require a headshot/photo, and video reel of yourself. There is no experience listed and the roles are open to all ethnicities.

How Can I Get More Information?

See detailed role information and apply by clicking on the link.

What Should I Know About This Project?

While I think this might be a really fun project if you got a role, I don't have any specific knowledge of these movie producers or the casting company. I would move forward carefully. Good luck!

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