I thought when you get to be 92-years-old, you can do what you want.

Apparently not.

Police in Ventnor have announced the arrest of George S. Foster, 92, of Ventnor.

92 Years Old!

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So what did he do they led police to collar him?

Unfortunately, we don't know all the details. All we know is that Ventnor Police charged Foster with "Simple Assault and Terroristic Threats" back on September 16.

According to the Tormley Law Firm,  "Simple assault typically refers to a fight or an attack in which one party sustains mild injuries and charges are pressed against the alleged attacker. While it’s on the lower end of violent crimes, if you are charged with simple assault, it can result in a punishment of six (6) months in jail, in addition to other penalties..."

Terroristic Threats, According to Tormley Law: " 'Terroristic threats' is a third degree crime in New Jersey, which means you can be punished with up to 3-5 years in prison and fines of up to $15,000 if you are convicted of this offense.  This has become a very common crime in New Jersey, and cases are typically based on one person’s word against another’s.  Unless the alleged threats are actually written, it’s a hard case to prove against you."

Again, Ventnor Police haven't disclosed the details of the charges against Foster, and we remind you that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.

What are your plans when you turn 92 years old?

SOURCES: Ventnor Police Department and Tormley Law Firm

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