Has this ever happened to you?  Suddenly your clothing dryer not longer dries the clothes? That's been the situation at my house lately. After a couple of months of complaining about the dryer not drying the clothes, we almost got a new dryer. Then a friend suggested that we make sure the dryer's vent wasn't clogged with lint.

When we raised our house after Superstorm Sandy, we moved the laundry room up next the bedrooms, with it venting out near the roof of the house, so I wasn't able to check for any potential blockage myself.  I will do some home maintenance,  but I'm not climbing a ladder to the roof. So we hired a company and they came Thursday afternoon to clean the dryer vent.  Well, we found out why the dryer wan't drying the clothes anymore.

Watch this short video of what was blocking my dryer vent....

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