Every year for the past 14 years, Boggs Auto Collision Rebuilders have transformed a previously wrecked vehicles into pristine condition to be given to a local family or organization in need.

And that is exactly what happened to Mariani and Mariana Torres. The mother and daughter duo parted ways early morning for their daily to do lists and when they reunited at the collision shop, they were oblivious to what was coming.

Mariana was told she was meeting people from her church and Mariani thought she was helping a friend run errands.

The two ladies share a vehicle and both have been seen walking to their destinations. So when both unwrapped the car, naturally they were beyond thrilled.

"Agape," said one of the Boggs Auto Collision Rebuilders. "It's a word used by the Greeks which translates to 'love.' Agape, typically love ... has also been translated to the word charity."

To see heartwarming pictures of the reveal, go to NJ.com.

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