Another South Jersey school district has released its plan for the upcoming school year.

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Middle Township Public Schools has chosen to use a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning and split their students into two groups when they return to class in September.

In a school plan released Monday, Superintendent of Middle Township Schools, Dr. David Salvo, said students in the four Middle Township schools; 2 elementary, middle and high school, will be broken into two groups.

The first group will attend in-person classes on Monday and Tuesday and take virtual classes on Thursday and Friday.

A second group will attend school on Thursday and Friday and take virtual classes on Monday and Tuesday. All students will have virtual learning on Wednesday.

Under the Middle Township plan:

- Staff must wear masks at all times; students when unable to social distance. Younger students should practice wearing masks for extended periods prior to returning to school.

- Staff and students will maintain consistent hand washing protocols and will have routine breaks to wash their hands throughout the school day.

- Staff and students will be asked to follow all social distancing protocols. Students will be reminded to keep hands to themselves with no high-fives, hugs, or shared school supplies or food.

- Students are required to wear masks on the school bus. All must follow social distancing guidelines and avoid contact. Parents are being encouraged to drive students to school, wherever possible.

To maintain social distancing, meals may be served in an assigned classroom or with reduced capacity in the cafeteria. Students will wash their hands before and after each meal. All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each meal.

Middle Township schools serves students from Middle Township, Avalon and Stone Harbor, Dennis Township and Woodbine. Middle Townships schools open September 8.

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