One of the world's most dangerous creatures can't get enough of the South Jersey coast. Mary Lee is back and just 6 miles east of this South Jersey beach town.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the great white shark, who goes by the name Mary Lee, was spotted just 6 miles east of Ocean City early Wednesday Morning. Mary Lee started her South Jersey Tour during the Memorial Day Weekend. She's been spotted of the coast of Cape May, Atlantic City and Long Beach Island.

The infamous Mary Lee just happens to be over 16 feet and weighs close to 3,500 pounds. Yikes! Good thing the weather has been cool and the ocean is freezing at this time of the year!

According to the article, right before the big Memorial Day weekend, the GPS put Mary Lee east of Assateague Island, which is located off the coasts of Virginia and Maryland. I have great memories of taking my boys to Assateague Island on vacation when they were young. They always loved to see the wild horses roam the beaches!


Mary Lee even has a twitter account where you can keep tabs on were she's heading next. Hopefully away from South Jersey!

Mary Lee isn't the only great white to keep track off. Cisco, a male great white, has been spotted near the opening of the Delaware Bay over this past weekend.

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