Robin Merchant / Stringer / Getty Images[/caption]"Southpaw" is a drama about a boxer.  So why would a girl who likes chick flicks go see a boxing movie??  Two words : Jake Gyllenhaal.  And I must say he looks good in the ring.  And I happen to like boxing.  Who knew??

I think my interest in boxing stems from my childhood.  I remember watching boxing on TV with my Dad.  Good times.  And then there were all the "Rocky" flicks.  I must admit I only saw a few of them, but "Rocky" is a classic, right?

In "Southpaw", Billy "The Great" Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), is the reigning junior middleweight boxing champion.  His career is looking great too, until tragedy strikes his family, and his whole life quickly goes downhill.  But Billy is a fighter (pun intended) and he needs to focus on putting his life back together, one piece at a time.  The first step is to go back to square one (a run-down gym) and find a new trainer.  Tick Willis (Forest Whitaker) reluctantly takes on the job and helps Billy slowly get his focus back where it belongs.

The fight scenes do get pretty graphic, but if you can stand to see a little blood (OK, a lot of blood), you'll be fine.  After all, did I mention that it's Jake Gyllenhaal??  And even when he's all busted up, he still manages to look good.  LOL.  And who doesn't wanna root for the underdog??  I know I always do.  And you will too.  :)


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