Happy Holidayssssssss!!!

If you don't know which holiday I am referring to....let's just move on.

In the wake of the legalization of marijuana -- WOO WOO!!! -- dispensaries are a big topic of discussion as many begin to open up around the Garden State.

The sixteenth official dispensary has opened up in New Jersey and I am pumped!

It is called Zen Leaf and it is officially based in Neptune but the official address for your GPS is 2100 NJ-66 in Tinton Falls. 

They will open for business every day at 10:00 AM.

 “We’re expecting this to be a very busy store,” said Anthony Marsico, executive vice president of Verano, the Illinois-based company that runs Zen Leaf. “This is a widely underserved area.”

Now there is also a big opportunity to score a job if this is your type of place.

Zen Leaf has currently hired 30 employees and that could grow to as much as 80 once sales start.

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SUPER COOL: The hope is that they will soon offer home deliveries. Like GrubHub...but for marijuana!

KINDA DISAPPOINTING: Even though they are allowed, they will not be opening a consumption lounge. Aw man! How cool would that be?

“To me, there are no downsides,” said Neptune’s Deputy Mayor Nicholas Williams. “I think it’s going to open people’s eyes to what it’s really about.”

I know a lot of Jersey Shore towns are in the process of deciding if they will allow the marijuana sales to legally occur within their borders.
Ummmmm...what's the big deal?
We sell alcohol....so just think of these as another liquor store, tobacco shop or bar.
It will bring jobs. It will bring revenue for the towns. Am I missing something here?
Plus, I feel like I've seen alcohol do way worse things to other human beings than marijuana. So give it a chance.
Here are all the dispensaries currently open in the Garden State....but I am sure only more are coming.

All Of The Marijuana Dispensaries In The Garden State [2021]

The trend is growing....so hop on.

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