A man swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Lewes, DE on Sunday, caught a large shark with his bare hands, pried its mouth open, then posed for photos.

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The dramatic scene was caught on camera at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach.

Video of the incident shows the man in knee-deep water dragging the eight-foot shark by its tail, then holding it under his left arm. He then grabs it by its nose and pries open its mouth for more than five seconds.

As the man displays the shark, several people on the shore including children watched and even took pictures.

But, witnesses say, the man's actions were more than just foolish, macho behavior.

According to Rachael Foster, who took and posted this amazing video to Facebook, the man ran into the water to garb the shark and open its mouth to pull a fishing hook out of its mouth, before releasing it safely back in to the ocean.

The video cuts off before showing the man releasing the shark.

Watch the video here...

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