Talk about making a bad situation worse. A suspected shoplifter at Willow Grove Park Mall in Montgomery County, PA. jumped from the second floor in an attempt to escape.

Not only that but the guy was caught on video doing it.

Needless to say, it did not go well for this man.

The video shows him falling hard onto the first floor of the mall after jumping over the second-floor railing. His adrenaline must have given him the energy to stand up and try to run off before reality set in and the suspect hit the floor again from the injuries he sustained in the fall.

This incident happened around 7 pm last Friday at the mall in Montgomery County, Pa. according to

"The individual jumped from the balcony after fleeing from a retail location," said a spokesperson for PREIT, the mall's owner. "The individual was then taken to the hospital to be treated."

A mall shopper on the third floor happened to be shooting a video from the mall's third floor and captured the scene which has now gone viral on the internet.

"I don't know what his thought process was, but he decided to jump over the railing," Abington Police Deputy Chief Ed Quinn said Thursday. The police department has a dedicated officer assigned to patrol the mall.

Police have not released the man's name because he has yet to be formally charged, but he is expected to be charged with robbery and theft.

The injured man remains hospitalized.

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