Country music fans packed themselves into Lincoln Financial Field over the weekend to get a chance to see the only and only Luke Combs over the weekend.

Although the concert experience a delay due to some severe thunderstorms, the show still went on, just a tad later than expected.

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Luke Combs is a Grammy-nominated artist, who has taken the country and pop world by storm. So many fans packed themselves into all 67,594 seats at the Linc in Philly and had a ball.


One fan, in particular, had an experience they sure will never forget. A big trend at concerts lately is to hold posters that read “Design my next tattoo” in hopes the artist onstage will draw the fan a tattoo.

I did it at my Harry Styles concert, but obviously, nothing came out of it. This one Philly fan decided to give it a go and actually got Luke Combs’ attention. The fan held up a sign that read “Luke, will you draw my first tattoo?”

Luke asked the fan what he was supposed to draw, but after finding out that the dedicated fan was leaving the art up to him, he went off the rails a little bit.

Luke Combs handed the poster back to the fan where it was just a cartoon picture of boobs.

There’s no word if the fan is going to go through with getting this tattooed on them or not, but I think I would if it were me. Not many people can say they have original, one-of-a-kind Luke Combs artwork tattooed on them!

Only in Philadelphia…

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