Monday night's high tide produced 3 feet of storm surge, enough to flood many low-lying areas around South Jersey. The Black Horse Pike in West Atlantic City, an area along the bay, is well-known for flooding, even in normal high tide cycles.

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Monday night's unusually high tides caused massive flooding in the long-term rental motels along the Black Horse Pike, such as the Travel Inn.

Fire and rescue squads from fire companies around the area came to assist firefighters from West Atlantic City in their efforts to help stranded residents escape from the high flood water.

The situation was made worse by wind gusts above 50 mph, an overflowing bay, and  cars stuck in the high stormwater.

Firefighters from Bargaintown Vol. Fire Company, who responded to help West Atlantic City firefighters, chronicled the night with photos of the flood rescue. See a gallery of those photos, below.

You can see images of flood water rising above rescue workers' knees as they made their way from room to room searching for stranded guests.

The low-budget motels along the Black Horse Pike have been the focus of problems for decades in West Atlantic City. Built in the 1950's, they are now known for providing havens for drug use, prostitution and other illegal activities.

Monday night, however, it was flooding that caused the issues in West Atlantic City's Black Horse Pike motels.

Take a look at a gallery of photos of fire and rescue workers braving the flood water to save stranded motel residents.

Firefighters Rescue Motel Guests Flooded in West AC


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