Do you remember that big, old mansion right (later a restaurant and disco) on the Black Horse Pike in West Atlantic City?

Recently, I unearthed the first digital camera that I bought about twenty years ago and I've been having a ball going through some 3,000 old pictures of South Jersey.

Now, as I've been saying, I enjoy taking pictures of completely random things that no one would ever think twice about documenting. I have pictures of everything -- thousands of them.

Anyway, right after getting this camera, I stopped by the old Mansion on Lake's Bay in West Atlantic City. If you remember that place, it was a giant building on the south side of the Pike in West Atlantic City.

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Originally a mansion that was built in the 1920s, it became a restaurant and disco many decades later before being demolished in 2002.

How the Mansion on Lakes Bay Property looks today - Photo: Google Maps
How the Mansion on Lakes Bay Property looks today - Photo: Google Maps

I'll admit that I don't know the full story of this property, but as a kid in the 80s and 90s, I always remembered this place every time my parents drove in or out of Atlantic City. Maybe because of its size and, by then, it was abandoned and maybe that added to its mystique for me.

Below, I invite you to take a gander at what the Mansion on Lake's Bay looked like the year before it was demolished (and below that are more pictures of old things in South Jersey that aren't around any longer).

If you have any memories of that property, please drop me an e-mail and I'll share your stories!

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