If you've heard it once, you've heard it A MILLION TIMES. I'm talking about the stereotype that supposedly fits your New Jersey hometown "so accurately".

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Some of them are funny. You see a funny GIF or meme that perfectly describes the basics from where you grew up. Some of them, though, are so far off that it's embarrassing. You know the one's I'm talking about. They're the ones created by people who grew up out of state and only *think* they know something about Jersey. Then something pops up that has absolutely nothing to do with the town they're trying to make fun of and the roast is ruined.

I LOVE a good roast. You HAVE to make fun of yourself sometimes, right? It reminds you never to take yourself too seriously. Easier said than done for some, including me sometimes, but you have to laugh at yourself. Life is too short.

Whoever created this hysterical NJ map knows it, too! I'm not sure if I've ever seen a map of NJ stereotypes so accurate in all my years on the internet. This one doesn't group regions together. This map really breaks down each section of New Jersey down to the counties themselves, not just north, central, and south.

For example, they called Wildwood and the surrounding areas "East Philadelphia". I almost spit my water out when reading that. If you're being honest about it, that really is the shore town that the majority of PA people and shoobies hang out in during the summer. Again, it's not mean, it's just honest.

Get ready to start cracking up:

Source: Facebook

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