If I were a parent to one of the kids in this league, to say I'd be angry right now would probably be an understatement.

Unfortunate news broke this week regarding whether or not the kids involved in Magnolia's (Camden County) Little League would have a future playing for their hometown. That's an awful question to have to answer. Sadly though, it's one the town and parents currently have to face after a burglar made off with almost ten thousand dollars worth of equipment.

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According to 6abc.com, the burglar made off with some pretty pricey equipment used to keep the town's fields in check. The president of the Magnolia Little League, Gregg DiBartolomeo, said that the field didn't have any cameras set up that could have possibly provided authorities with a description of the burglar. He says they didn't realize the equipment had been taken until arriving at the shed the following morning and discovered the lock broken and the tractor gone.

As it currently the stands, the kids have nowhere outdoors to practice. 6abc.com reports that they're currently preparing for the upcoming season at an indoor facility. As to where they kids will play this year, well, that is one of the many unanswered questions surrounding this incident. Apparently, up to 80 kids use the fields, all from the age range of four to sixteen. That's quite a lot of players that need to find a new home turf.

So, what's the town to do? Well, as of right now, they're leaving it up to the parents to get the field ready for the season. If that doesn't happen, then who knows where the kids will play?

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Source: 6abc.com

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