There are many recreational choices in our region. Being a beach resort area lends itself to many water-related activities. For those who want something to do off the beach, there's tennis, basketball, and the new hot activity, pickleball.

One activity that seems to be overlooked is skateboarding. Admittedly, skateboarding tends to get a bad rap in some communities. In movies, it's often portrayed as loud teens with louder music and that's usually where the trouble starts.

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The reality is usually much different. Popular skate parks can draw hundreds of participants on a beautiful South Jersey day. Watching skateboarders with skills can really be exhilarating.

Last summer, Eagleswood Township unexpectedly shut down a small park they had.  It wasn't huge, it gave skaters a chance to work on skills. While that disappointed skateboarders in the region, the good news was to follow.

Shortly after the Eaglewood skateboard park closed, Little Egg Harbor developed plans to open a park of their own. That was last June. What started as a plan, has now become a reality.

Little Egg Harbor has begun work at creating their skateboard park.  It's located on the grounds of the Edward Thornton Little Egg Harbor Community Center.  The center itself has seen a refreshing of sorts.  New basketball courts have been built, the building itself has been refreshed, and they added pickleball courts.

Plans are for the new skateboard park to open sometime this spring.

Things are actually looking quite exciting for skateboarders in our region.  This past November, the Beach Haven council approved a bond ordinance that would create funding for their own skate park.  This may lead to a new skate park in Beach Haven as well.

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