Lite Rock's nighttime host Delilah is advocating for the use of the the National Suicide Prevention Hotline after the death of her teenage son, Zack.

Deliah posted a Facebook message to fans Saturday saying her son, Zachariah, took his life on Tuesday.

“He was being treated, counseled, and embraced fiercely by family and friends while battling depression for some time now,”  said Delilah Rene, 58. “My heart is broken beyond repair and I can not fathom how to go on.”

Delilah said in a January Facebook post that Zack was autistic.

Zack was one of Delilah's 13 children — 10 of whom are adopted. Delilah’s son Sammy died in 2012 due to complications from sickle cell anemia, just two years after she adopted him from West Africa.

Lite Rock will air "best of" shows while Delilah takes a leave of absence to grieve the loss of Zack.

Delilah has asked for the promotion of the 1-800-273-8255 number to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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