Some say there are no new good ideas anymore. I think the folks in one New Jersey town just disproved that by hosting a Pub Crawl to kill Spotted Lantern Flies.

Now, I'm someone who does my best to trap bugs in my home and release them back into the wild (not ants or mosquitos, but spider crickets and spiders, etc., or anything I can catch with a cup and leftover Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, lol), but I do recognize spotted lantern flies are extra pesty. They can reportedly cause major harm to the environment and even endanger our pets.

Bottom Line: spotted lantern flies are just no good.

Recently, Bordentown, NJ hosted it's first ever Lantern Fly Murder Pub Crawl thanks to organizer Brenna Jones who tells she and her fellow residents were looking for something fun to do after lockdown. And since Jones says Bordentown is infested with lantern flies and people are being encouraged to snuff them out anyway, why not make an event out of it?

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And so became the B-Town SWAT Lantern Fly Murder Pub Crawl. It began at Old Town Pub, and continued to Tindall Road Brewery and Hob Tavern.

I can't tell if I think this idea was genius, goofy, or gross. But beer lovers and lantern fly haters showed up with their weapons of choice and got to work. I mean, nothing says 'summer night in South Jersey' like a good ol' fashioned insect genocide, lol.

Below, check out some photos from the event, and let us know if you'd like to see your South Jersey town host one, too!

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