New Jersey remains the diner capital of the world, although now there is one less diner to visit.

Diners are great.  Back in the day, they were everywhere.  Weekends meant going out to a club and then visiting a diner for our post-clubbing meal.  Where else can you go with friends, and share a meal that might include an omelet, a burger, a fish sandwich as well as an order of uniquely Jersey, Disco Fries?

Times change, and sometimes that change is pinged with sadness.

Cherry Hill Diner had announced a few months ago that they'd be shutting their doors.  They'd been a part of the community for over 58 years.  They announced that they had sold the property to a company that wants to tear the restaurant down and put up a car wash.

Cherry Hill Diner via Facebook
Cherry Hill Diner via Facebook

Last week, Margie Buckley posted an announcement on Facebook, that the end was here,

Myself and the staff of Cherry hill diner would like to thank you all for your patronage over the years. Unfortunately, this Sunday, we close our doors forever. You have let us share your good times, sad times and everything in between. We will miss seeing you all. Thank you! The doors close Sunday afternoon at 5 pm

At one time, the diner was known as the Windsor Diner.  It was a community gathering place where friends gathered for good food, conversation, and fun.  Longtime customers shared their memories on the Cherry Hill United Facebook page.

There's no word on the time frame for the opening of the car wash.

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