Stop me if this sounds familiar. Residents of an Absecon Island town undergoing a state-mandated dune project are upset with the impact the work is having on their beautiful beaches and have concerns about the safety of the project, with pools of standing water, exposed pipes and pumping equipment.

This winter it's Longport's turn for dune work, and photos and videos show a mess very similar to the one that faced Margate last year,  spoiling much of the summer beach season.

Having just gone through this in Margate, these pictures posted on an island Facebook page bring back vivid and unpleasant memories of the dune fiasco in my hometown.  All in the name of progress?  That depends on your definition of progress.

Here's a link to photos and videos of the Longport dune work, courtesy of Sarah Elizabeth Mammucari, on the Margate Back in the Day Facebook page...

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