Hey, Kyle Schwarber of the Philadelphia Phillies, you just won the National League Pennant, what are you going to do next?

Ride a mechanical bull.

Why not?  A guy has to let off some steam somehow, doesn't he?

Not long after Schwarber's Phillies dispensed with the San Diego Padres on Sunday evening to advance to the World Series, Schwarber was caught on video riding the mechanical bull at Xfinity Live across from Citizen's Bank Park.

Even though I got a kick out of the video, I also cringed when Kyle fell off the bull near the end of the video. That's all we need is for him to break his arm falling off the mechanical bull days before the World Series begins.

Alas, there was no broken bone, and Kyle stood up and dusted himself off.

It looks like he will live to ride another mechanical bull in a week or ten days after the Phillies take care of some business against the Houston Astros.

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