I bet you didn't know there's a castle in New Jersey.  I'm sure you don't know its wild history.

You don't have to travel to Europe to see a beautiful castle.  New Jersey is home to a breathtaking one that you can explore!  I wish I knew about this place sooner because I would've loved to live out my princess dreams here as a kid.

It's worth noting that this structure isn't a real castle - it's a mansion that is a replica of a castle.  Don't let that deter you, because this castle mansion is rich in history - and some wild history at that.

The beautiful home and area surrounding it are known as Kip's Castle Park.  It is considered a public park, which adds to its uniqueness.  Not only can you explore the ground, but you can actually go inside the first two floors of the castle, per Only in Your State.




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The mansion is also available for weddings and special events.  And you'll definitely want to take pictures of the breathtaking view of New York City the castle boasts.

If you think the mansion is cool, just wait until you hear its backstory.  Only in Your State explains that it was built by Frederic Kip (hence the name), and used as a private residence.

Here's where it gets interesting: it was later sold to a man who turned it into a compound and housed a cult there for five years.  Eventually, they moved to Oregon.

If you're as intrigued about Kip's Castle Park as I am, you can check it out at 22 Crestmont Road in Verona NJ.  It's open from dawn to dusk seven days a week and is free to visit.

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