There's no escaping it. Once school starts, you're forced to accept its return whether you're a fan of it or not.

I'm talking about the return of PUMPKIN SPICE. It seems like there's a pumpkin spice EVERYTHING these days, doesn't it??

🎃 Pumpkin-flavored cereal

🎃 Pumpkin doughnuts

🎃 Pumpkin Coffee

What about making that last option frozen? Well, Rita's has officially done it. Your favorite water ice joint has now hopped on the pumpkin spice flavor train with the newest addition to their menu: Pumpkin Frozen Coffee. The addition is one of the three flavors Rita's has added to their frozen coffee lineup.

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Now, while supplies last, that is, you can enjoy a frozen coffee from your local Rita's Italian Ice in either pumpkin flavor, Original Cold Brew, or even Mocha.

Right now, you can enjoy the frozen coffees through the month of October at your closest Rita's Italian Ice location. Obviously, you won't be able to get it forever. Chances are, people will be flocking there to try it at least once. Some people were hoping it would be the return of the "zombie blood" flavor Rita's had featured a few years ago.

Social media is a great tool in this case.

Thanks to Rita's employees, we now know that the "zombie blood" special was just a combination of two different flavors: Wild Black Cherry and Cherry. If you were hoping for a comeback of one of the Rita's flavors of old, don't be shy. You can always ask the employees and they'd more than likely be happy to make it for you.

You should be able to try Rita's new frozen coffee flavors anytime from now through October. If you download the app before September 17th, you just might see a special reward in your app account so you can try it for free.

More details on Rita's new flavor can be found HERE.

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