Never mind that this week we celebrate National Cheeseburger Day. Isn't every day a good day for a burger? Most people hailing from the Garden State would have to agree. That is, if the burger is actually tasty.

There's no shortage of places to get a burger here in New Jersey. Almost every single restaurant you go to has at least one option on the menu. Finding one that's better than the rest, well, there's the challenge.

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It might be surprising to hear, but people from the Garden State happen to be very particular about their burgers. They won't go just anywhere to get one. If they're in the mood for a mouthwatering burger with some craftsmanship, most have their go-to spot. Sure, there are places all over the state that claim to have the best burger in New Jersey. People who've been to this one place, in particular, say it's the burger joint that simply just can't be beat.

So, where do people claim you need to go get yourself the best burger Jersey has to offer?

You might be surprised to hear it...

Jersey's BEST burgers voted by YOU can be found at:


Outlaws Burger Barn and Creamery in Vineland!

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Who knew you'd have to travel all the way into Cumberland County to get the best burger in the Garden State? People swear by it, too. If you've never been, there's never been a more perfect time to try it out. After all, it is National Cheeseburger Day this week.


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