This might be a weird request, but the folks over at the Cape May Zoo are hoping that you do them a solid for the animals in their care.

It's a small request in the grand scheme of things. I'll be honest with you, there's almost nothing the Cape May Zoo could ask that I wouldn't try and do for them. The work they do with the animals and the space they have is unmatched. Locals and visitors alike love to spend time walking around the park, taking in the views of all the animals, and learning about how the zoo works all at the same time.

They do great work over there, so if they'd like us to donate our trash. Well, I say why not?

You read that correctly. The folks at the Cape May Zoo are kindly asking you to save some items you'd normally chuck in the bin and give them a new life with the animals. They're not looking for your trash, per se, but recyclable items like cardboard egg cartons, brown bags, paper towel rolls, etc.

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They turned to Facebook to ask for donations as they use them for various enrichment activities that engage their minds. Think about it like certain Kong toys you'd give your dog. I don't know about you, but I have quite a few toys that I put treats in or peanut butter and my dogs will spend HOURS trying to get it out.

That's exactly what they do with the your recyclables for the animals at the zoo. Listen, if all it takes are my empty toilet paper rolls to enrich the lives of the animals that call that zoo "home," that's easy enough for me.

Check out their post below:

Source: Facebook

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