This isn't really news - especially based on the last major hurricane to hit New Jersey, but Ocean, Monmouth, and Atlantic Counties are the most hurricane-vulnerable counties in the state.

Of course, Superstorm Sandy showed us that, didn't she?

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Ocean County called most hurricane-vulnerable in New Jersey

The folks at did a study and found out which states are the most likely to be impacted by hurricanes in 2024.

Over 300 counties were ranked in the study, and half of the top 100 counties are in Florida or South Carolina.

Ten years of hurricanes were studied, with data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine the numbers. Additionally, the study looked at hurricane risk assessments and anticipated financial loss from hurricanes.

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Ocean County was the highest-ranked New Jersey county on the list, coming in 78th place. Monmouth County was the next-highest, at 104th place. Atlantic County showed up at #133.

Other New Jersey counties included Burlington at #165, Hudson at #168, and Cape May at #177, Perhaps it was the "Cape May Bubble" that helped it fare a little better than others.

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Top five counties overall

The study found the top 5 most hurricane-vulnerable counties to be Broward County Florida, Palm Beach County Florida, Charleston County South Carolina, Miami-Dade Florida, and Horry County South Carolina.

Hurricane season is considered to run from June 1st - November 30th.


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