New Jersey has its fair share of amazing places to grab an ice-cold beverage after work, or on your day off.

I'm a big fan of the Sawmill, the Sandbar, and B2 Bistro in Bayville when I'm looking to go out and grab a few drinks with my wife or some friends.

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But there's one bar in Jersey that recently made the list of best bars in America, and it's located in Monmouth County!

Now, Monmouth County has a ton of great places to grab a drink.

In Asbury Park alone you have R Bar, The Asbury Ale House, and Johnny Mac's House of Spirits.

My wife and I almost bought a house in Asbury because it was close to Johnny Mac's, that place is seriously one of a kind, they have free personal pizzas, a downstairs arcade, and the walls are covered in cool old instruments and crazy decorations.

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But Johnny Mac's House of Spirits was not voted one of the best bars in America.

What Monmouth County, NJ Bar Is Being Called One Of The Best In America?

The bar is just about a year old but is already winning some serious accolades, according to APP, Esquire ranked it as one of the 42 most noteworthy bars in the country.

It's called La Otra in Aberdeen New Jersey.

Despite the fact that it's located in a strip mall near Livoti's Market, don't let that fool you, La Otra is whipping up some seriously creative cocktails for you to enjoy.

Open Thursday through Saturday, next time you need to plan the office happy hour after work, you'll want to check this place out.

Or, if you're more into dive bars, these are the best in the state!

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