Whenever the weather starts to get nice, NJ drivers are all ready to open up and fly down the highways and byways of the great garden state. No more ice, sleet, and snow! This can give you a false sense of security because just when you think driving is a breeze, spring brings with it its own road hazards.

Here are some things to think about as you open the sunroof and roll down the windows this spring.

  1. Rainy days and flooding - Spring rain brings slippery road conditions and flooding. Check your car's safety manuals to see how deeply you can drive into water before your car is irreparably damaged.
  2. Hail season - Beware of hailstorms, which can wreak havoc with your car's exterior and impair visibility. Driving into a nasty hail squall?? Pull over to a covered area till it slows down.
  3. Winter road wear and tear AKA Potholes - Remember that spring is the season for potholes. And early spring is particularly dangerous since road crews haven’t had time to keep up with the repair work. Be cautious, observant and navigate slowly.. a quick swerve to avoid a pothole is a recipe for disaster
  4. Animal activity - NJ is lucky to have its share of beautiful wildlife, but that also put us at risk this time of year for collisions with running and darting animals. deer, bears and other wild animals become more populous in the spring, as the warmer weather brings animals out of hibernation. Be alert for wildlife in the road, and slow down so you can stop safely if animals are on or near the roadway.
  5. More bicycles on the road - You’ve got your top down, and the cyclists are out! Whether you like it or not, you’ve gotta share the road with motorcycles and bicycles so even if they’re not being considerate, give em room!
  6. Construction ahead! - Spring is often the time when road work begins or resumes, so expect construction. Pothole repairs, highway maintenance and other road repairs may slow your drive.

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