Tired of the same old annoying Facebook posts taking over your Newsfeed? Have you ever been so close to completely writing someone off but you instead close your screen? Perhaps it's time to face your Facebook rage and take action against these obnoxious people. Here's a justifiable list of 5 types of Facebook users to "Un-friend".

  • 1

    The Overachievers

    Hearing about every award, trophy, medal or recognition that your friend (or his or her child) receives can get very old. People tend to let competition override common sense on Facebook, ultimately offending their friends. Just face it, nobody likes a show-off!

  • 2

    Self-Portrait "Stars"

    Whether they're at home, at a party, or touring the Eiffel Tower...every single photo update has one subject: their face! These are the people who feel a need to share their daily look from every angle. Attractive or not, the kissy-faced mirror pose is a trend that must be put to rest.

  • 3

    Quoters, Life Coaches and Preachers

    You're doing just fine, yet you get constant reminders from these people offering condescending positive quotes and inspirational messages. Their photo albums are filled with not-so-holy partying pictures, but they send out hypocritical updates preaching how to live right from wrong. Let's keep the therapy sessions off of Facebook and for professionals only please.

  • 4

    Obsessive Gamers

    How do you say "No One Cares!" in Farm language? If you prefer to sit home and play Mafia Wars, Farmville, or "Give this post a 1, 2, or 3", no big deal. However once you post your every achievement to your wall or invite your entire friend base to follow along, you're instantly putting your Facebook friendships at risk. For those of us don't want to be bothered with your latest mystery Zoo animal, it's an annoying distraction to the greater things that you may have to offer the Newsfeed.

  • 5

    "TMI" Perpetrators

    These Facebook personality types seem to have no care or concern with what they share with their neighbors, colleagues, coworkers, or families. We know more than we'll ever need to know about their relationships, their jobs, and especially...their drama. We have three words for these people: Keep it Classy!


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