It's never too late to learn to surf, right? Well, that's what I thought... until I actually tried it for myself.

Last summer I took a couple of lessons.  I didn't do too well.  But I decided to dive right in anyway, & I bought a board.  And a car rack.  And a wet suit.

Turns out surfing is not as easy as it looks.  In fact, it's hard.  Very hard.  Especially if you're uncoordinated like me & you get frustrated easily.  But it is great exercise.  It was a workout just carryin' my 9 foot board to the car, then puttin' it on top of the car, then takin' it off the car, then carryin' it to the beach.  By the time i got to the beach, I was exhausted.  Even more exhausting??  Tryin' to ride a wave.  If you're never tried it, you have no idea.  The pros (& even little kids) just make it look easy.

So I decided to take a break & sadly I didn't even attempt it this year.  Maybe next year I will be up for the challenge.  Or maybe not.  Hey, you wanna buy a board??  I hear it's a lot of fun.  :)

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