Only a life-threatening situation, no big deal!

Have you ever experienced anything like this at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey? It's terrifying!

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I just came across this TikTok by user @sammytquinn, and she told a story that made my jaw DROP. If you love roller coasters, you're not going to like this story.

Credit: TikTok @sammytquinn
Credit: TikTok @sammytquinn

According to her, while she was riding one of the park's roller coasters, the restraints popped loose midway through the ride! She had to physically hold the restraints down with her arms throughout the remainder of the ride! Holding on for dear life. Thankfully, she says she didn't go upside down at that point.

And it gets even wilder. When she told a park attendant what happened, they didn't lift a finger! Wait until you hear what they told her.  Listen to her full account below:

I don't know how she's staying so calm - I would have been hyperventilating!

She didn't specify which ride she was talking about (which is a bit annoying considering this is a public safety issue), but people in the comments have deduced that she's probably talking about one of the most popular roller coasters in the park: El Toro. But this is not confirmed.

I admittedly have not been to Six Flags Great Adventure since 2011, so I can't gauge whether or not this is a common occurrence. But I was shocked to see some of the eerily nonchalant responses in the comment section:

"Sounds like el toro memories."

'They hit you with the “but did you die?”'

"Welcome to New Jersey! This is a typical Tuesday at Great Adventure"

But there were still plenty of comments with the appropriate amount of alarm. Some people even have similar stories!

"That was NOT an acceptable response to the malfunction! We need all news outlets informed and whatever agency is responsible for ride inspections!!

"This happened to me in 2013 never will I ever go on a ride at six flags."

"100% believe this. This happened to me on Batman ten years ago and they didn’t beleive me. Literally held down from the shoulders so I dont fall out"

"This happened to me in six flags magic mountain on x2. Attendants did not care one bit, continued ride as usual."

This is so crazy. Have YOU had similar experiences at Six Flags or any other amusement park?

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