Not so fast on planning your watch party for the new MTV Jersey Shore show that just began production in Atlantic City.

A published report says that production of the show has stopped less than a week into taping. The only official word from MTV is that filming of Jersey Shore 2.0 has been "paused."

We told you in early July about MTV's decision to tape a new Jersey Shore series in Atlantic City's Inlet neighborhood with an entirely new cast and we were the first to show you a photo gallery of the remodeled Atlantic City mansion chosen as the cast house.

At the time, we shared reports from the Asbury Park Press that the original cast, including Snooki, Jenni JWoww, and Mike "The Situation" had let it be known that they didn't support the show or the new cast.

The original roomies criticized the idea in a group statement, even as MTV confirmed that their latest take on the Jersey Shore idea, Jersey Shore Family Vacation was also being renewed.

No one is saying anything official as to what caused the pause in the new production, but this much is known.

When we were on-site at the Atlantic City cast house in the first week of July, it was a beehive of activity, with security guards, moving vans filled with production equipment packed on the side of the house, and cameras bolted onto the home's exterior.

TMZ's sources are saying that over the weekend, that changed and all is quiet at the house now.

When word broke Wednesday on about the show stoppage, there was some speculation that the protests of the OG's version of Jersey Shore might have put the kibosh on the new Atlantic City-based version.

Knowing how MTV operates, that seems highly unlikely to us.

TMZ talked with insiders who said they believe the only thing that could cause such a radical reversal is a lack of show chemistry or a "behavioral issue." WHAT? The whole premise of Jersey Shore has always revolved around behavioral issues!

We will continue to monitor the action, or lack of action, down on Atlantic Avenue in the AC Inlet for any signs of life from Jersey Shore 2.0.

Meantime, if you haven't seen what a beautiful house the Atlantic City cast house is, take a look at these photos.

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