Hall and Oates return to Atlantic City this Friday for a sold-out show at Borgata and Lite Rock is giving you tickets all week long.

The Temple University students met in an elevator, both trying to duck a gunfight that had broken out at the Adelphi Ballroom in 1967.

Forty-six years later, they’re performing as a duo–again. Not that they ever abandoned their partnership, but the two have been working on solo projects.

Their legions of fans of their Philly soul sound and/or their synthesized ’80s pop have been swelling anew — some who are sheepishly acknowledging their GenX affection, others who weren’t born when “Sara Smile” peaked at No. 4 on Billboard in 1976. Even critics who swatted Hall & Oates with the “yacht rock” label have been begrudgingly moved by persistent YouTube tributes, movie and TV callouts, social media adulation, even a “Callin’ Oates” hotline. Oh yes, and just plain ol’ addictive beats.

To win tickets for Friday’s show , play Lite Rock Impossible Trivia this week at 7:20am on the Lite Rock Morning Show.

This morning’s question:  A workplace study show that doing this is an effective way of getting on your boss' good side.  What is it?

The answer?  Dressing like the boss!

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