1.  Be Prepared to Pay for Your Shopping Bags.

When I moved here from South Carolina last year, I was staying at a hotel.  I decided to go shopping one night and made the trek to ShopRite.  After scanning all my groceries, I realized there were no bags.  It took the cashier 5 minutes to convince me they didn't provide free bags.  It's no joke.  For most items, the 25-cent bags will suffice.

Marijuana is Legal in New Jersey

2.  Marijuana is Legal.

Yes, marijuana use in New Jersey is now legal.  However, that doesn't mean there aren't laws regulating its use.  Buying a dime bag from Ganja Man on the corner is still illegal.

3.  Pumping Your Own Gas is NOT an option.

NJ is now the only state where it's against the law to pump your own gas.

4.  When You Are Going to the Beach/Shore.

Ok, you need to know this.  "I'm going down tha shore," or I'm at the beach."  We don't go to the beach unless we're already there.  Get it?

The Perils of E-Z Pass

5.  Make Sure you Get Your E-Z Pass.

Expensive tolls are a way of life in New Jersey.  Getting an E-ZPass should be a top priority.  If you choose to not pay the toll, expect a letter to arrive charing you for the toll and a ridiculous $50 penalty.  Getting the mafia to forgive a loan is easier than getting these fees waived.

 6.  What is a Wawa?

You're going to learn quickly that this is an important part of your day.  Gas, coffee, hoagies...all in one place.  Wait until you experience their Hoagiefest!

7.  You Won't Do Well Here if You're Easily Offended.

Okay, you know how down South we'd say, "Bless your heart," with a smile?  Well, we do away with the niceties.  You are more likely to hear people tell you exactly what they're thinking.  We tend to be opinionated, and we are not afraid to share our opinions.

Jughandles is Not the Name of a Strip Club

8.  Jughandles Are a Thing. 

Jughandles isn't the name of a strip club.  Here in Jersey, many left turns are made from the right lane.  If you look from above, the configuration looks like a jughandle.

9.  Yellow Lights Mean Speed Up.

Alright, I want to be clear.  Technically, the yellow light means proceed with caution.  Here in Jersey, many people interpret the law differently and speed up.  Word of warning:  It's not advisable to jump as soon as the light turns green.  Those who speed up at yellow lights, tend to be going too fast to stop when the light turns red.  Never forget that.

10.  Rent is High

Rent in New Jersey is much higher than down South.  We get it.  You're in Jersey now.  Get over it.

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