A few weeks ago I wrote the blog, 'Watch Out for Turtles!'.  Later that very same day, I was driving on the White Horse Pike heading into Atlantic City and saw a turtle slowly attempting to cross the very busy roadway.  I hate to think about what may have happened to her.  Judging by the average speed of the motorists, my gut feeling is that she may not have been ones of the lucky ones.

Since then I have seen a significant number of turtles on that same stretch of road.  If you ever travel on that road on any given afternoon in the summer, you know that the flow of traffic into AC can be moving pretty fast.  So what's a poor turtle to do?  And more importantly, what's a motorist to do to avoid hitting a turtle?  I decided to do my small part to help save the next turtle by getting an 'I Brake for Turtles' car magnet.  At the very least it may alert other drivers to be on the lookout for turtles...not just on small dirt roads but on busy high-volume areas as well.  Maybe if more of us had these magnets on our cars, we could save more lives...one turtle at a time.  :)

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