If your latest bank statement shows you have a balance of over $100,000 when you thought you had $44.95 in that account, you should think twice before you book that all-inclusive Jamaica vacation.

Cape May County's Sturdy Savings Bank is blaming a printing error for the incorrect bank statements hundreds of customers received this week that had another customer's financial information, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Bank president Gerald Reeves told The Press one batch of the monthly statements was effected, but that everyone's money was safe.

“Certain people got some information about one other customer on their statement,” he said. “It’s not a breach of any security in the computer system.”

The Press of Atlantic City says their sports writer, David Weinberg, is a Sturdy Bank customer who received an incorrect bank statement showing a balance of more than $100,000, much more than Weinberg actually has in his account. I bet it is.


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