Well this has to be the most polite animal encounter seen off the coast of New Jersey yet.

A group of boaters that were on a Cape May Whale Water tour off the coast of Cape May got exactly what they were looking for.

A 40-foot humpback whale stopped to feed near the boat when he made himself known  in the most adorable way....HE WAVED using his pectoral fin. (FYI: The pectoral fins on a whale, or any fish for that matter, is the pair of fins on their sides) 

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At first when I saw the headline, I was just like come onnnn this can't be real.

But the footage that you can see below via NJ.com shows the humpback whale swinging his fin up and down very purposefully. He knows exactly what he was doing and that is saying hello!

Okay...its not quite as magical as it seems when you learn the reason behind the humpback whale waving his fin like this.

According to the boat's caption that caught the footage, "humpback whales are known to slap their pectoral fins against the water to gather corral fish into tighter schools," for feeding time.

But let's just pretend a humpback whale waved to a group of boaters. That sounds a bit cooler to me.

Take a look at the original video at NJ.com's Youtube Channel.

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