Here's another alert for all you South Jersey astronomy fanatics! At the end of the July, we'll get the closet view of the planet Mars since 2003.

Mars is is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest planet in our solar system.

Mars will have its closet approach to earth in over 15 years on July 31st, according to the Washington Post. You'll have to get up extra early or stay up all night because, Mars will be in its closest approach to us at 4 AM. The red planet will also be visible around sunset on July 30th.

The distance between our planet and Mars is 140 million miles but, on July 31st that distance will be cut to 35.8 million miles from Earth and it could get even closer then that, according to the report and

From July 27th to July 30th Mars will also be the brightest and the largest over the skies of South Jersey for optimum viewing!


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