You aren't the only one who's excited that it's pumpkin season. I didn't say pumpkin spice, I said pumpkin. The animals at the Cape May Zoo love pumpkins.

The zookeepers at the Cape May Zoo have put out the word asking for donations of pumpkins between now and Halloween.

Zoos often provide pumpkins for animals as a novel way to provide enrichment. If you visit the Cape May Zoo in October you might get a kick out of watching the animals playing with a pumpkin or observe them figuring out how to “open” a pumpkin to get at the food inside.

Note that the Cape May Zoo is asking for pumpkin donations now. Of course,  everyone is ready to turn over their pumpkins as donations after Halloween, so the zoo isn't sure how many they will need then. You should check with them after Halloween before bringing any pumpkin donations.

But, if you want to bring an extra pumpkin home from the pumpkin patch visit between now and Oct. 31, the zoo will gladly take it and the animals will love it.

Cape May Park and Zoo on Rt. 9 in Cape May Courthouse, South Jersey's local treasure, offers free year-round admission to see its collection of 550 animals.

Here is the zoo's recent appeal for pumpkin donations.

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