Bitter winds, snowstorms, and dark, frigid nights are all something that we become accustomed to living in New Jersey, but what you may not think about is how much help your local animal shelter may need this time of year.

Check out some ways you can help animals in South Jersey.

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    Check with your local shelter, most of them have a website, and see what requirements they have for volunteering. This is a great way to help out the workers to make sure that all the animals are getting attention.

    Most shelters are always looking for people to play with the animals, and help with feedings and clean-up around the shelter.

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    Food and Kitty Litter Donations

    Shelters are always looking for food for both dogs and cats, as well as kitty litter. Food can get expensive and there is no rule that says you have to purchase a name brand dog or cat food. Samples from an event you went to, or food that you bought that your pet does not like can be brought to the shelter.

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    Donate Money to a Shelter

    If you don’t have the schedule to volunteer, and aren’t ready to adopt, collecting and donating money to your local shelter is always greatly appreciated.

    Shelters are constantly running out of supplies and need to replenish. Your money can go a long way to help the shelter out with all their day to day purchases of paper towels, cleaners, food, heating and oil costs and so much more.

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    Donating Blankets

    Shelters get cold, even with the heat on. Doors are always open to let the animals in and out, and the floors are made of concrete for easy clean up. You don’t even have to buy new ones. Old blankets, towels, and dog beds are a great gift to an animal at a shelter. Instead of laying on the cold hard cement floors this gift can help keep these animals warm and off the ground this winter.

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    Adopting a pet is a big responsibility and a huge commitment. But if you are able to bring a new cat or dog into your house it frees up space in the shelter, which tend to get over crowded at times. If you do not want to adopt some shelters also look for foster homes for their animals while they are still on a list to be adopted.

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