Sometimes putting your temptations into practical terms is the best way to avoid them all together.  With that in mind, here's what the experts say about how much exercise it will take to burn off those Easter treats. The really bad news?  it's probably a lot more excercisethan you might think. The potentially good news? You will pass on the Easter treats all together after reading this.

According to Daily

- It takes 15 minutes of cardio to burn off the 171 calories in a creme egg.

- A 30 minute jog to work off the 280 calories in a sweet roll.

- A chocolate bunny contains the same number of calories you burn off in two spin classes.

- One 445 calorie bag of mini chocolate eggs would be burned off after an hour-long kettle-bell class.

- A medium chocolate Easter egg containing 970 calories would take two hours and three minutes of push ups to burn off.

- Twenty minutes of boxing would be enough to work off the 144 calories in healthy hard boiled eggs.

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