Living in the Garden State is something I guess I take for granted since it's the only state I've ever lived in. Have you ever stopped and wondered where our state ranks in places to live across the U.S.?

Well, there's a new list out from U.S. News and World Report on the best states to call "home" in America. Massachusetts came in as the top state, followed by New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Washington, which rounds out the top 5.

Surprisingly, New Jersey made the top 20, taking the 14th spot on the list. The Garden State also scored well in education ranking second in our nation! We got pretty impressive grades for healthcare as well.

There is so much to love about our state. For me, it's the fact that some of the best beaches in the entire country are right in my backyard. Sure I wish my taxes were lower, (much lower!) and I wish the roads were less crowded (especially the darn Parkway!), but, overall, my family and I are pretty happy with our lives here in New Jersey. How about you?

Source: US News

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