How many birthday buddies do you have? If you were born on February 29th, not many.

What's the Least Common Birthdate in a 365-Day Calendar Year?

The day with the least amount of birthdays in a 365-day year is Christmas.

What's the Most Common Birthday?

You’ll have lots of fellow birthday friends if you were born on September 9th. That date is the most common in New Jersey and America for birthdays.

Why Are There Fewer Birthdays On or Near a Holiday?

According to USA Today, the National Bureau of Economic Research says there are 18% fewer births on the day of and just after a holiday, because hospital staffing is lower at those times. Even if you are having a baby, who wants to be in the hospital on Christmas?

What Are the Top Birthday Months?

Although September dominates the top ten most common birthdays,  August is actually the most common birth month.

 The second most common birth month is July and September in third place. My birthdate, Sept 26, is the 12th most common.

Here is a list of the ten most common birthdays, according to USA Today
1- Sept. 9
2- Sept. 19
3- Sept. 12
4- Sept. 17
5- Sept. 10
6- July 7
7- Sept. 20
8- Sept 15
9- Sept 16
10- Sept 18

Here are the ten least common birthdays:

10- Nov 25
9- Nov 23
8- Nov 27
7- Dec 26
6- Jan 2
5- July 4
4- Dec 24
3- Jan 1
2- Dec 25.
1- Feb 29

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