So this is an intriguing survey, of the most popular food brands around the nation. "Taste of Home" did a survey from around America and it focused on what name-brand foods were most popular in each state, including us right here in the Garden State. Our neighbors in New York selected "Boars Head" as their most popular food brand. "Back in 1905, the Boar's Head founder was delivering his deli meat with a horse-drawn wagon. Today, it's still a family-run company but it's distributed all over the country!"


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Our neighbors to the west in Pennsylvania selected Heinz Ketchup as their most famous food brand. "A man named Henry J. Heinz added a large amount of vinegar to preserve ripe, red tomatoes and now it's one of the most recognizable bottles in the world." Brett Jordan Brett Jordan



As for us here in New Jersey, A Taste of Home selected something every sandwich needs lol as our most famous food brand, based in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey. "Mayonnaise is pretty a polarizing topic—you either love it or you hate it, and those that dig it have brand loyalty that runs pretty deep. People love Hellmann's because they still make their mayo with three simple ingredients—eggs, vinegar and oil. That's it!" Jaye Haych Jaye Haych


How do you feel about mayonnaise? Love or hate? I would say I definitely love and usually I have it on most sandwiches unless mustard is more the taste. How about you? What other "Jersey" food brand would you have considered besides Hellman's? Post your comments below.


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