Police officers never know what will unfold when they start their shift on any given day, and now one officer (and baby girl) have quite the story to tell.

According to 6ABC, a Delran mother probably wasn't counting on going into labor during a major snow storm, but that's exactly what happened on a day in early February where more than 10 inches of snow fell in Burlington County.

The quick-thinking dispatcher, Mark Boyd, realized that the new mom would not make it to the hospital in time with a raging snow storm happening outside. Police officer Keith Upton was the first to arrive at the Delran home.

Boyd was able to keep calm, and use his experience to coach the new dad and Officer Upton through the delivery.

Upton tells 6 ABC,

"It was real, real quick. The baby was crowning, and the head was out and the whole baby was out in probably a minute, maybe less. It is a crazy thing, but it was one of the more rewarding things I've ever done," said Officer Keith Upton with the Delran Police Department.

Both mom and baby are doing fine, while both Upton and Boyd are being honored for the awesome role they played in bringing a new life into this world.

Source: 6ABC.com

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