Well, it's finally here! The 2023 Barefoot Country Music Fest is officially underway. People couldn't be more excited to take in all the music that'll be happening on the beach in Wildwood this weekend.

The show officially kicked off on Thursday night, but there are plenty of people heading to the Wildwoods on Friday. If they're not staying overnight, then they'll need a place to park their cars. Even if they are staying over, it could be hard to find free street parking with all the tourists in town this weekend.

If you're wondering which lots are available for you and your vehicle this weekend, the people at Barefoot are WAY ahead of you. They've already mapped out every single parking lot you can take advantage of this weekend when heading to the festival. If you're worried you won't find a spot, don't fret. There's plenty of parking for everyone. Even if you have to walk a little bit, you WILL find a spot.

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The folks at Barefoot Country Music Fest have drafted a little cheat-sheet for you to see which parking lot would be best in which for you to leave your car. There are plenty of lots for you to choose from, 25 to be exact. Most of the are spread out right off of the boardwalk off of Ocean Avenue. There are plenty more on the island, too.

Here's a pro-tip for you if you've never been to the Wildwoods: the further away you are from the beach, the easier it will be to find a spot. Sure, that sounds like common sense, but it's a time game, right? So, ultimately the choice is yours. You'll either spend your time driving up and down the street to find a spot, or you can park further away from the beach and spend that time walking up to boardwalk. That's if you're not planning on parking in a lot.

Godspeed, ya'll!

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