If you've ever taken your phone into a bathroom and used it while on the toilet, you have something in common with 75% of Americans. That's right, 75% of people admit to using their cell phone on a toilet.

Remember, that's only the ones who admitted to doing it.

A Few Statistics About Dirty Cell Phones

Mashable.com put together a video that compared the number of bacteria covering cell phones to bacteria covering toilet seats, kitchen counters, pet food dishes, checkout screens, and doorknobs. This is what they found:

-Toilet seat: 1,201 bacteria per square inch

-Kitchen counter: 1,736 bacteria per square inch

-Pet food dish: 2,110 bacteria per square inch

-Checkout screen: 4,500 bacteria per square inch

-Doorknob: 8,643 bacteria per square inch

- Cell phones: 25,125 bacteria per square inch

The average cell phone harbors more than three times the germs dirty doorknobs do. Think about that next time you hold that thing up to your face.

Here's Another Nasty Cell Phone Stat

I think you probably have the point by now, but let's get to one more stomach-turning statistic just to make sure.

The British Columbia Center for Disease Control says that 80% of all infections are transmitted by hand.

Surfaces including subway poles, toilets, sinks, and desks carry germs, which are picked up by the hands that touch them.

The bacteria are then easily transferred to mobile devices, which are handled often throughout the day.

The most common, harmful bacteria found on cell phones include Streptococcus, MRSA, coli, mold, and yeast.

How to Clean Your Cell Phone

Aside from cleaning your phone, take the time to clean your hands.

“Your phone is exposed to everything you touch. What’s on your hands is on your phone. Health-care experts stress that washing your hands frequently with soap and water is the best defense against the spread of germs that cause sicknesses and viruses to spread,” shares Adriana Catinari, Product Manager at Whoosh!

Direct from the FCC, here are some simple device-cleaning rules. You may also want to check with your manufacturer's information.

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