If you have a child that's currently a junior or senior in high school here in the Garden State, chances are, college has been a main topic of conversation for quite a while now.

Before you narrow down your list too much, you should know about all the wonderful in-state options available to you.

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So many people are so quick to want to venture out of state for college. Sure, college is about the experience, but you can have a GREAT college experience right here in the Garden State WITHOUT having to pay all that money to attend an out-of-state school.

A report ranked all of the best colleges and universities that New Jersey has to offer. Whether or not you're looking to stay close to home or fly from the nest, you'll definitely find SOMEWHERE within the parameters of the Garden State that will fit like a glove. Seriously, save yourself all that extra money you'll have to pay out in the future and give this list a solid chance.

The folks over at WalletHub named the following the top 10 colleges and universities in New Jersey:

1. Princeton University

2. Stevens Institute of Technology

3. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

4. New Jersey Institute of Technology

5. The College of New Jersey

6. Rutgers University-Camden

7. Rutgers University-Newark

8. Ramapo College of New Jersey

9. Rowan University

10. Rider University

Check them out, and see if you like the campus and what they have to offer. You can check out how the top ten here in New Jersey ranked compared to the rest of the colleges and universities in the US by checking out the full report.

Source: WalletHub.com

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